How to Compare Apps for Managing Daycare Centres

Trying to find the perfect daycare app, but feeling overwhelmed by all of your options? You’re not alone! The right app can completely transform the way you run your daycare centre, which is why it’s so crucial to select the right one. In this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to look out for when hunting for the perfect childcare app.

Select an App Tailored to Daycare Management

There are plenty of apps out there with useful features, from parent portals to attendance sheet creators. But with so many apps to choose from, it’s crucial to select an application designed specifically for daycare centre management.

TimeSavr is a childcare app designed by daycare providers for daycare providers. We offer a comprehensive set of features that can be turned on or off to suit your business, and we’re dedicated to improving our features in every possible way.

Prioritize Parent Communication Features

The app you select should have high-quality parent-teacher communication tools. From real-time updates to photos and videos of their children, parent communication features are the best way to provide guardians with a positive childcare experience.

Evaluate User-Friendliness

Always ensure that an app is user-friendly before implementing it into your daycare. There’s nothing worse than finding a seemingly-perfect childcare app, only to lose valuable time due to poor usability or provide a poor experience to your clients.

User-friendly daycare apps like TimeSavr often provide potential users with a free demo. This allows childcare centres to test out an app’s features and usability before they commit, so you can select the perfect app without any regrets.

Weigh the Benefits of Its Features

Not all daycare apps are created equal. When choosing a childcare app, be sure to take all of its features into consideration. The best childcare apps include features such as parent-teacher communication tools, lesson planning tools, attendance sheets, and automation.

Also, remember that quality often counts more than quantity—an app might have dozens of features, but if they’re poorly implemented, it won’t be as beneficial as an app with fewer features that have more care put into them.

Emphasize Efficiency with a Mobile App

These days, childcare providers are constantly on the move—so why not speed things up with a mobile childcare app? Daycare apps with mobile accessibility features are the best way to save time by allowing you to manage tasks on the go. You’ll also have all the crucial information you need, from lesson plans to attendance sheets, right at your fingertips!

TimeSavr’s mobile app is designed to make running a daycare centre simpler and more efficient than ever. Our mobile app has all the features of the desktop application, accessible right from your phone.

Seek Automation for Tedious Tasks

Daycare providers handle their fair share of time-consuming, tedious tasks, from payroll to invoices. But what if you didn’t have to spend hours on these chores, and could instead find other ways to grow and improve your business? That’s where automation comes in.

Some daycare apps like TimeSavr offer automation for tedious or repetitive tasks like reporting and creating invoices. When you use this automation to its full potential, you can save many hours of time while still running your business at full capacity.

Ensure the Developers Are Responsive to Feedback

No app is perfect. There are always optimizations, improvements, and new ideas waiting to be implemented. The daycare software you select should have a proactive app provider that is dedicated to improving the app at every possible opportunity.

Whether it’s troubleshooting bugs or implementing fantastic new features, TimeSavr is always seeking to improve our daycare app. We love hearing from our customers and are dedicated to refining the TimeSavr app even further.

Optimize Your Daycare with a Dedicated App for Childcare Centres

If you run a daycare, childcare centre, dayhome, or out-of-school care centre, TimeSavr is the only administrative tool you’ll ever need. With comprehensive tools and customizable features, our app can be perfectly tailored to suit your needs. Get started today with our free demo!