5 Must-Have Benefits of a Childcare App

As a daycare owner, having a deluge of tasks every day is common. After all, you are responsible for managing your business, overseeing your staff, communicating with parents, and ensuring your daycare kids are well-nurtured and happy. However, while the list of tasks sometimes seems endless, there are steps you can take to make running your daycare more manageable.

If you haven’t yet explored any online daycare management solutions, check out this guide to discover how a daycare app can streamline your processes, improve efficiency, and give you more time for yourself.

Daycare Apps Are Easy to Use

If you’re worried about the complications of an online daycare app, don’t be! The TimeSavr app has been created by childcare professionals for childcare professionals, so we have the background to give you what you need!

In fact, we’ve designed the interface so it’s easy to use; everything you need is literally at your fingertips, and while you can access the app on a laptop or desktop computer, you can even gain access on your phone! We know from experience that daycare owners spend a lot of time on their feet, so you’ll love the convenience of the mobile app.

Customize Your Reports

The TimeSavr app is designed to meet the administrative and provincial regulatory needs of:

  • Daycares
  • Dayhome agencies
  • Preschools
  • Out-of-school care centres
  • Or any other type of childcare program

We appreciate that every childcare business is different, which is why we’ve developed an app that takes a customized approach to reporting. If you run a dayhome company network with multiple educators running a centre from their home, you can create separate user logins for each dayhome educator so they can sign in at home, track their own hours, view their paystubs, and quickly access emergency contact information on their phones.

Save Time with Automations

If you’re still manually managing childcare registrations and monthly invoicing, sign up for the TimeSavr app and save yourself a huge chunk of time! Embed an online registration form directly on your website. This makes it easy for parents to enrol their kids with the click of a button. Once registration is complete, use Timesavr’s automation to send out confirmation emails and welcome packages to parents.

You can also set up automatic invoicing so parents receive their invoices at the end of every month. These online invoices also include the option for a payment button, which will direct parents to make credit card payments so you can receive payment sooner.

Secure Encryption and Data Management

By using the TimeSavr app, you have the option to create multiple security profiles for different members of your team, such as management, staff, dayhome educators, and bookkeepers. Each profile can be created with specific parameters to ensure that the right user has access to the right information while keeping confidential details secure.

We also understand the importance of safeguarding the privacy of your staff and daycare families and keeping their sensitive data safe. When you sign up for a Timesavr account, you choose your own password, which is confidential and only known to you. You have complete authority over the strength of your password and have the option to change it frequently.

You can also have peace of mind knowing that we use SSL Encryption to protect your information, and we also back up your data every night so you will always have access to your records.

Improve Your Daycare’s Efficiency with the Timesavr App

If you’re a childcare centre manager researching the best childcare app for administrative tasks and parent communication, contact TimeSavr customer service today. We’ll walk you through a demo so you can learn more about our app and discover how our childcare management software can work for you.