Timesavr – Childcare & Daycare Management Software

The Only Administrative Tool You Need

Timesavr is flexible web-based software designed for daycare owners by daycare owners. Our solutions have helped hundreds of childcare centres reduce costs, improve care, retain employees, and most importantly, save time!

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Time-Saving Features

Timesavr helps you get more done with less effort in less time. Our web-based software simplifies your team’s workload. Timesavr will reduce your paperwork, automatically compile reports, and provide better communication for staff and parents/guardians. Best of all, our flexible features are easy for you and your staff to learn and use.

Take the guesswork out of report filing with hundreds of options for automatically generated reports. Print out schedules, emergency contacts, allergies, subsidy tracking, and more. If there’s a report you need to streamline your business, let us know and we’ll add it!
Save yourself hours of paperwork with automatically emailed invoices, payment receipts, and annual tax receipts. Schedule invoices to generate automatically and send emails with a payment button conveniently embedded in the message. 
Mobile App
Use the Timesavr mobile app on smartphones or tablets to conveniently track attendance, make notes in the classroom, or access emergency contact information. Because Timesavr is web-based software, you can access it on the go, including field trips, neighbourhood walks, or emergency situations.

Make Your Scheduling a Breeze

Easily track and manage employee profiles, requests for time off, and monthly hours in Timesavr. You can also set parameters for time off requests, automatically calculate overtime hours, and bank overtime hours as desired.

Made for Childcare Providers by Childcare Providers

We know that Timesavr will make your administrative workload lighter because we’ve been in your shoes. The founder of Timesavr has managed two daycares for a combined total of eleven years, and we created Timesavr to make our lives easier.  It worked so well we started sharing it with others, and since then, it has grown exponentially. 

What Our Customers Are Saying

TimeSavr - Daycare Management
Before I moved to TimeSavr we were tracking child attendance, educator attendance, manually. With TimeSavr we removed the paper component, the calculations and it truly became a Time Saver.

One Tool for All Your Management Tasks

We designed Timesavr to be the only administrative tool childcare professionals need. Replace hours of tedious paperwork with convenient, accurate, and automated reports. Plus, replace all your stacked tools with one simple, easy-to-use program.