How to Make Daycare Registration Simpler with a Daycare Registration App

As a daycare owner, you know that by the time registration rolls around, you’ll be working around the clock to get everything done. Registration involves a lot of paperwork. You need to be well-organized to ensure the process runs smoothly and all your kids are properly enrolled. Fortunately, daycare apps are designed to simplify the registration process, giving you more time to work on the important tasks while ensuring a seamless registration experience for the parents.

How Does a Daycare App Simplify the Registration Process?

Daycare apps, such as TimeSavr, are designed with a range of functions to meet all of your registration needs. The app is easy to use and offers many automated features to make registration a breeze!

Online Enrollment

With TimeSavr, you can embed the registration form directly on your website. This makes it easy for parents and guardians to enroll their children in your daycare program, and allows you to customize new child profiles according to your needs.

Automated Processes to Save You Time

Once you have received the child’s registration form, you can set a number of processes to trigger automatically.

  • Send welcome emails to registrants to confirm you received their enrollment.
  • Notify parents when their child has been moved to the waiting list.
  • Email a pre-defined welcome package when the child’s enrollment is complete.

Automatic Invoicing

Automate Your Billing

TimeSavr takes the stress out of invoicing parents. You can automate your monthly invoicing and have it emailed to parents automatically.

Payment Button

You can also add a payment button directly to the invoice. This online payment option improves the chances of getting your invoices paid quickly, as it makes the payment process easy for parents to navigate.

Process Payments

With TimeSavr, you can directly debit parents bank accounts or process online credit card payments from parents, both of which are automatically recorded in TimeSavr.

Generate Receipts

Once payment has been received, it is simple to generate and email payment receipts as well as annual tax receipts to parents.

Track Invoices

The app can also track paid invoices and those that are outstanding, making it easy to know where you stand.

Improve the Customer Experience

By offering easy online registration and automated features to confirm enrollment, you improve the overall customer experience. This reflects positively on your business and encourages parents to enroll their kids again.

Additional Features to Enhance the Experience

Once the children are successfully enrolled in your daycare, the app offers several features that are helpful for both parents and daycare staff. These features help ensure that every aspect of the parent experience is first class.

Enhancing Communication

The TimeSavr app offers a secure communication platform for connecting with parents and guardians. Use the Daily Report feature to share important information, such as updates or group reminders for the next day. The mobile app offers an SMS message feature that is useful when you need an immediate response from parents. It’s also more convenient and immediate than using email, which parents might miss.

Caregivers can use the messaging function to request last-minute items such as diapers, wet wipes, and outdoor gear. They can also relay information to parents about temperature checks, medication updates, and other general health information. Parents appreciate this ability to stay in touch with their child’s caregiver; the app allows caregivers to communicate important information to parents and provide them with peace of mind that their children’s specific needs are being looked after.

Regain Your Free Time

While you may love what you do as a daycare owner, it’s essential not to get bogged down in the details and work around the clock. By using the TimeSavr app, you can save a lot of time and paperwork and get back to the important work of running and growing your business. Plus, you can take back your leisure time to pursue a new interest or discover something new.

Take Your Daycare Business to the Next Level

From staff scheduling to attendance tracking, there are so many features that will help in the day-to-day running of your daycare business. If you are interested in finding out how TimeSavr can help take your licensed childcare program to the next level, book your free demo today.