Timesavr App

Management Software for Childcare Professionals, Created by Childcare Professionals

Timesavr is the only tool you need for managing a daycare, dayhome, preschool, or out-of-school care program. The Timesavr app lets you manage all your administrative needs in one place, saving you time and paperwork.

Who Can Use Timesavr?

Timesavr is a comprehensive administrative tool for a variety of childcare settings. The app comes with a series of customizable features that can be turned on or off to suit your business. Timesavr was made for you if you own or manage a:


Dayhome Agency


Out of School Care Centre

Or any other type of childcare program

The Tool That Does It All

Timesavr has dozens of features to fit your needs. Many childcare centres operate on a “Frankenstein” array of software and applications. With Timesavr, you can cancel your subscriptions and stop duplicating work. Instead, keep all your data in one convenient and easily accessible location. 

Easy Management for Multiple Childcare Centres

Do you manage multiple child care centres?  If so, Timesavr makes it easy for you to securely link all your centres to your user name so that you can easily switch back and forth between your accounts without logging in and out.

Customizations for Dayhome Agencies

Dayhome agencies have specific needs, which is why we included customization options specifically for you. Timesavr lets you create separate user logins for each dayhome educator so they can sign in at home and track their own hours, view their paystubs on their phone, and quickly access emergency contact info. They can also record the days they’re unavailable, admin hours and late pickup minutes. An educator’s childcare hours are automatically calculated based on child attendance, and calculating educator pay is a breeze as Timesavr takes into account wage top-ups, infant care incentive and backup care. It will even automatically split the infant care incentive between educators if the child attended multiple dayhomes.

Customize TimeSavr to Suit Your Needs

The needs of daycare owners and managers can vary from city to city and province to province. Timesavr was created to fulfill your administrative needs, with updates and new features added all the time. If you have an idea that could improve Timesavr, let us know! We welcome customer feedback and often incorporate your suggestions in new updates for the app.

Improve the Parent/Guardian Experience
Timesavr’s automated processes and online convenience help to improve your overall customer experience. That translates to happy parents and kids who always want to return!
Features that Save You Time
Timesavr has many features that can be adapted to suit the requirements of your unique childcare setting and make your job easier.
Convenience and Security
Timesavr delivers both convenience and security so you can have confidence that your confidential records are encrypted and secure.
Daily Reports
Timesavr makes it easier than ever to communicate effectively with parents/guardians. Educators are able to produce daily child reports that include mealtime, naptime, photos, videos, diaper checks, and much more for each child that parents/guardians can receive in their inbox each day.

Simplify Your Management System with Timesavr

We know the importance of having a simple, user-friendly tool that makes the administrative side of managing a business easier and simpler. We started Timesavr to make our lives better, and we’re confident it will do the same for you. Reach out to us today for a free demo and learn why Timesavr is the only management tool you’ll need for your business.

Online Enrollment

Registration is a breeze with Timesavr. Parents and guardians of new children can easily enrol with our online registration form you can embed directly onto your website. New child profiles can then be customized depending on the settings you choose.

Process Payments

Timesavr lets you process direct debit payments or accept online credit card payments. Both options are automatically recorded in Timesavr. You can also generate and email payment receipts and annual tax receipts to the parents with a few simple clicks.


Using Timesavr, you can efficiently track and send out invoices to parents/guardians. You also have the option to add a payment button directly to the invoice, making the process easier for everyone.


With Timesavr, you can easily keep track of each child’s attendance and movements throughout the day using the convenient mobile app or the desktop version. Both options create an automatic daily attendance report both for your records and your monthly government claim.


The hundreds of reports that Timesavr generates is one of the most popular features of the software. You can easily generate reports for attendance, payments, subsidies, allergies, and more, meaning no more piles of paperwork sitting on your desk or dining room table. We’ve customized reports to satisfy different regional government grant requirements to make your life easier. If you don’t see a report you need, send us a message, and we’ll create it. 


With Timesavr, you can easily automate several different processes. You can automatically send welcome emails to new registrants to confirm you received their enrolment, notify parents when they’re moved to the waiting list and email a pre-defined welcome package when their enrolment is confirmed. You can also automate monthly invoicing and have the invoices automatically emailed to parents, all while you sleep or spend time with family!


Using Timesavr, managers can track staff contact information, certifications, attendance records, and more, including reminders of important expiry dates, such as first aid and criminal record checks. There are also features to keep track of available time off for each employee, including different types of time off. Staff can also use the software to view their hours, track their overtime, bank hours, and request time off.


In Timesavr, you can create multiple security profiles to limit access for management, staff, dayhome educators, bookkeepers or any other member of your team. Each type of profile will have different parameters to ensure the right user sees the right information while confidential details remain secure.

Mobile App

Timesavr is available both on desktop and laptop computers and on most mobile devices, making it convenient to use throughout the day by educators. Not all functions are available on the mobile version, but it’s perfect for the educator in the room to take attendance, make notes, and update each child’s daily report. 

Daily Routine

 With the Timesavr daily reports you can record the activities that are part of each child’s daily routine, such as naps, meals and diaper changes.  Parents will appreciate knowing these details about their child.  Daily reports are emailed to the parents automatically when the child is signed out at the end of the day.

Media Updates

Everybody loves to receive photos or videos of their own child and even though the parents can’t be there with the child throughout the day, the educators are able to easily share photos and videos of their activities along with descriptive captions.  Use this feature to brighten every parent’s day!

Parent Communication

More than simply keeping parents informed, you can also use the Daily Reports to communicate important information to parents.  Not only can you can use the mobile app to quickly request the parents bring more diapers, wet wipes or seasonal items such as outdoor gear or indoor shoes or record temperature checks, medication administered and general health information, but you can also send and receive SMS messages directly to and from the parents right from within the app.