How TimeSavr Protects Your Data

Having management software that makes your job easier is something everybody wants. When you work in early childhood education, you also need your daycare management software to be highly secure. As a daycare centre, day home, or after-school program, you store essential information such as attendance records, communication with parents, pictures, videos, and daily sheets for each child’s development. These records and media pieces need to be accessible for teachers and parents, but secure from internet hacks. TimeSavr offers efficient features and reliable security, so you know that your sensitive data is always protected.

Password Management

While we take careful measures to ensure we secure and back up the data of our users and their clients, it’s also essential that your childcare centre does its part to protect your valuable information. The most basic way to ensure your app is safe is by creating secure passwords for yourself and your team. You can also take it one step further and enable the secure PIN option for staff profiles, keeping each staff member’s data private from prying eyes.

TimeSavr allows each user to create a secure password to protect their access. We recommend that daycare managers share strategies for choosing strong passwords and maintaining password security. If more than one manager is going to be accessing the administration account, you might consider using a secure password management app. A password manager automatically generates and stores highly secure passcodes for apps, websites, and email accounts. This way, you don’t need to remember all of your distinct and complex passwords.

Daily Backups

At TimeSavr, we know how precious your data and records are because we’ve managed daycare centres ourselves (it’s why we created this daycare management software!) We developed a secure system to protect your data and give you peace of mind. Every day our servers are securely backed up onto two separate disks. If one fails, we’ll be able to restore your information from the other.

Customer Support Team

When you need technical assistance, our team is here to help find the solution. You can call or email our support team, and we’ll respond quickly with practical solutions. We are a local team that created the app to solve our own problems as daycare managers. Now, it’s our turn to serve you. If you have a suggestion that can improve or expand the capabilities of the app, let us know, and we may implement your request!

Emergency Scenarios

You may wonder how your records will remain secure during an emergency scenario, such as a power outage, or how you’ll complete your regular tasks without power. TimeSavr has both a desktop and mobile version. If the power goes out in your building and you still have phone service, you can access your records and features from your phone. If your phone runs out of charge and you still have no power in your building, you can temporarily revert to paper methods for the duration of the emergency for tasks such as attendance tracking. In fact, we recommend having an emergency binder with essential contact information inside for urgent scenarios such as a power outage. Once your power is restored, you can input the data manually and be back online in no time. Your previous data remains in the management software. We can also reload it for you from our backup servers if anything is lost.

Paperless Reporting

Once you use the TimeSavr app and experience the convenience of paper-free records, you’ll never want to go back to the old-fashioned way. Not only will you be saving trees, but you’ll also be saving yourself hours of paperwork each week. Digital record-keeping reduces the overall time you and your team spend taking notes, making schedules, and tracking down payments. But best of all, you’ll be able to securely share information with your parents in real-time, with digital daily sheets sharing the progress and development of the children.

The Only Daycare Centre App You Need

TimeSavr is the only daycare centre app you need to manage your business, staff, and parent relations effectively. Leave the piles of paperwork in the dust and say hello to efficiency and usability! Try a free demo of the app and see how you’ll save yourself hours of work each month with convenient and easy-to-use features. We designed TimeSavr with you in mind—contact us if you have questions.