4 Incredible Ways TimeSavr Helps Daycare Centres Protect the Environment

Managing a childcare centre involves a significant amount of paperwork. There are forms associated with applications, registrations, finances, attendance, taxes, and more. Managers of licensed child care programs have filing cabinets stuffed with paperwork and essential records, which is why the founder of TimeSavr created the revolutionary daycare software in the first place—to make the manager role more efficient and reduce the amount of paperwork involved in all processes. Using TimeSavr will not only save you time, but it will also save you money by reducing the amount of paper and ink your office uses.

Best of all, this leads to less environmental waste. With so many daycare centres already using TimeSavr, we can all feel great about the impact that we’re having in protecting the planet for future generations.

No More Boxes or Binders of Paper

TimeSavr helps licensed child care programs better manage their paperwork for the benefit of both staff and family members. The software stores your digital records securely so you can declutter your offices and ditch the boxes and binders of files. Plus, new child applications are conveniently accessible for parents to fill out and submit online. This means parents don’t need to print them off and can submit the application from anywhere. Registration forms are also online, allowing child care managers to personally send them to new parents or set up an automated process that emails new parents once their child is accepted.

Digital Reports

When creating the software, we prioritized the digital organization of records because we’ve been daycare managers ourselves and we know how essential excellent record-keeping can be. We designed the system to make our lives easier and know it will help you too! For example, important reports can be viewed online (such as child attendance, allergy forms, tax reports, etc.), stored in the application for the required length of time, and printed when desired. Reports such as invoices or tax receipts can be emailed to the necessary recipient as needed, rather than physically mailed. Managers can also give staff and parents direct access to information in the app, with the appropriate security access to maintain confidentiality.

Parent Connection

TimeSavr also helps reduce the quantity of paperwork that parents need to keep track of for their children. While their important forms for enrolling their child in your daycare centre are easily found online, once they are admitted to your centre, there are further paperless steps they will find beneficial. Your parent handbook can be uploaded as a PDF and shared with parents for their reference. You can also customize the reports and messages parents receive regarding their children’s activities and performance in your program. Electronic check-ins can reduce paperwork and minimize one-on-one conversations, while still keeping parents informed daily and feeling involved in their child’s development.

Convenient Access

Another convenient feature of the TimeSavr app that helps save large amounts of paper and ink is the mobile app. Teachers or assistants working directly with children in the classroom can easily take attendance without carrying a bulky binder around. Throughout the day, they can make notes on the app using their phones or a tablet. The app can also be accessed during field trips or outside play.

Safety is another area where paperless data management makes sense. In an emergency scenario, instead of grabbing a bulky bag of binders, your support team only needs their phones with access to the app to find emergency contact details in the daycare database and attendance information.

Alberta-Based Child Care Management Software

Are you a manager of a child care centre in Canada? TimeSavr is the daycare software that will help lighten your workload by reducing your paperwork and organizing the way you manage your centre. We’ve been daycare managers ourselves, so we know the unique challenges you face in your daily work. Whether you manage a daycare, a day home agency, a preschool, or other licensed child care program, you can benefit from using TimeSavr to go paperless—and the environment will benefit too! Contact us today to get access to your free software trial.

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