How TimeSavr Helps You Get Paid on Time!

Working in the field of childcare and early childhood education comes with many joys and happy experiences. Seeing kids learn new things, gain skills, and make friends is a large part of what makes the job rewarding. Getting to know the parents is another gratifying part of the job. Informing parents and guardians of their child’s progress, such as showcasing their child’s artwork or sending photos and videos from daycare outings and daily activities, helps parents engage with their childcare centre.  However, there is one detail of the job that is less enjoyable for daycare owners, managers, and staff, and that is tracking down payments. That’s where TimeSavr comes in. Our software saves time and headaches, but it will also help keep you organized and help ensure you are paid on time. 

The Daycare Payment App That Does It All

If you’ve ever had the frustration of chasing down late, forgotten, or missed payments, you’ll love all the ways TimeSavr makes it easy to get paid. As daycare managers we understand that parents have a lot on their plates. Parents can easily forget about and miss deadlines, especially if they’re juggling one or more kids, activities, work, or other family members. This is why TimeSavr has included several features that make billing, invoicing, and payments much easier for everyone. 

Embed Payment Buttons into Your Emails

Our software makes it extremely easy for tuition collection by including the ability to embed a payment button directly into the emails you send. Parents can conveniently click the button and pay their bills by credit card on time and accurately. This makes it far more likely that they’ll pay as soon as they receive an invoice. Parents will be thanking you for making it so easy, and you’ll save yourself hours of follow-up work.

Email Automation

TimeSavr allows you to use email automation to send notifications and reminders of upcoming deadlines or missed deadlines. Simply select your contacts, write your message, and schedule the reminders. This built-in follow up is lifechanging for daycare centre owners!

On-The-Go Access with the TimeSavr Mobile App

Our childcare app makes it easier than ever to communicate with parents. Parents have access to a mobile version to keep track of and make payments easily online. Parents can make payments with a debit card or credit card through the TimeSavr app by logging in or using by clicking a button in their emailed invoice, making it convenient for everyone. Daycare managers can also use the TimeSavr mobile app to keep track of deadlines and payments received no matter where they are. You and your managers will be able to see which fees were on time, late, or not received.

Stay Organized with the Desktop Software

The desktop version of TimeSavr keeps detailed, organized records of your invoices and receipts. You have the option to keep your records stored safely and securely in digital versions, or you can also print copies of documents to keep as a backup or when needed. TimeSavr’s secure, digital files will save you stacks of paper overtime, helping to protect the environment, one childcare centre at a time. 

Integrate with Bookkeeping Software

We know how important accurate bookkeeping is for childcare centres. We’ve been daycare center managers ourselves, which is why we designed TimeSavr specifically with you in mind. We wanted to save you time, energy, and stress when it comes to managing your finances and paperwork. TimeSavr integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks through the desktop version. This will help make your recordkeeping a breeze. 

Automatically Generate Receipts

Once you receive payments from your list of parent clients, you need to issue receipts. TimeSavr helps with payments processing as well by automatically generating receipts when payments are made and received. With a few simple clicks, you can send your parents the paperwork they need for their records.  At year-end, you’ll also be able to quickly generate annual tax receipts for your parent list. Within minutes you can organize annual tax receipts and send them out to all families for their records. You’ll be spending a fraction of the time you used to spend on paperwork, billing, and receipt writing with TimeSavr. 

Your New Favourite Childcare Centre App in Alberta

Once you try TimeSavr, it will quickly become your new favourite tool for managing your daycare centre. You’ll dramatically reduce the time you spend on paperwork and lower the stress involved with collecting payments. Try the app for free to get started and see how TimeSavr can change your business.