The Differences in Management Software for Daycares and Day Homes

The Differences in Management Software for Daycares and Day Homes

TimeSavr can benefit both daycare centres and day home agencies with various tasks, including payroll functions, customer relationship management, and more! When we started creating TimeSavr, we saw how it radically shifted how we operated our own daycare centre by saving us hours of paperwork and streamlining our communication processes internally and with families. As we developed the software and transitioned to building a business around it, we looked forward to seeing how our system would transform the workload of other child care organization managers.

The Benefits of Using TimeSavr in Your Childcare Centre

We developed the idea for a daycare CRM while we were managing a daycare centre. We wanted to take back our free time by reducing our paperwork and making our daily operations more efficient. If you run a daycare centre or a licensed day home agency, TimeSavr is a web-based software that can help reduce your workload as a manager and help you free up your evenings and weekends. Some of the features of TimeSavr that will improve your workload include:

  • Easy scheduling functions to balance time off requests, vacation bookings, and overtime tracking
  • Automated invoice emails to families with embedded payment buttons to make collecting fees a breeze
  • Automated responses to inquiries into enrollment to better connect with potential clients
  • Real time updates to give parents insight on daily activities and progress reports
  • Digital attendance tracking on mobile devices to make classroom management simpler
  • Secure accounts for all staff members to stay up to date and informed
  • Dozens of automatically generated reports, including attendance, allergies, schedules, subsidy tracking, and schedules

TimeSavr is meant to help reduce the workload associated with a team of staff and numerous clients. The only type of childcare centre that won’t currently see a benefit from the TimeSavr software is a privately run dayhome. Due to the small size of private day homes, the educator and caregiver can often manage their families easily with their own system.


Day Care Centres vs. Day Homes

There are several different types of child care businesses in Canada, each with different structures and operating systems. We designed the TimeSavr software to benefit most kinds of childcare centres. The app improves management by reducing the amount of paperwork filled out weekly and making payments and invoices a breeze. The app also enhances communication channels between childcare centre workers and families, helping to provide transparent child reports and encourage a stronger customer relationship.

What Is Considered a Daycare Centre?

A daycare is a childcare business that runs out of a designated facility designed to entertain, educate, and provide for the well-being of young children. In Canada, provincial governments are responsible for monitoring daycare centres to ensure they meet specific standards of programming and care. Provincial governments also inspect daycare centres to check health and safety standards and ensure the facilities are safe.

How are Day Homes Different?

Day homes are another type of child care centre, but rather than operating out of a designated facility, they exist in the childcare provider’s home. There are two basic structures for day homes: private or agency. A day home can choose to be a stand-alone child care service or operate within a network of other day homes in a licensed day home agency.

With licensed day home agencies, rather than the government monitoring and inspecting individual homes, the agency is responsible for ensuring their member day homes are maintaining a set of standards and health and safety guidelines. Day homes benefit from joining an agency by gaining access to resources and assistance and opportunities for educational training.

The Only Daycare Centre Software You Need

TimeSavr truly is the one and only management tool you need for your daycare centre or day home agency. You can test it out yourself with our free demo version or set up a meeting with us, and we’ll be happy to walk you through the benefits and functions. Save time, paper, money, and headaches, and get started with TimeSavr today.