5 Ways to Improve Parent Communication in Your Daycare Using a Childcare App

People don’t stop being parents when they drop their child off at daycare and go to work, and they shouldn’t have to. Throughout the day, they wonder how they are doing, if they napped, and if they ate. With the TimeSavr childcare app you can send real-time updates and media to parents to keep them in the know. Parents will love the extra communication and the peace of mind of knowing that their children are in good hands and having a great day!

Make Parent Communication Simple & Rewarding

TimeSavr simplifies communicating with parents by keeping everything in one place. Often childcare centres need to use a group of softwares and apps to make everything run smoothly, but with TimeSavr, you can perform everything within one application. This can include requesting more supplies, sending health information, filling out invoices, and even sending media updates.

The 5 Top Ways to Help Parents Feel Great About Your Child Care Centre

You want to leave parents feeling great about your business and the care that their child is receiving. The best way to do that is to keep them informed in real-time, sending them photos from the day, and making it easy for them to complete paperwork and make payments.

Send Daily Reports in Real-Time

TimeSavr is available both on desktop and on most mobile devices. This makes it convenient for staff to use it throughout the day to record activities such as naps, meals, and diaper changes. With the app, you can even send and receive messages in real-time with parents.

Send Photos and Videos

Photos and videos with captions are easy to send to parents with TimeSavr. Everyone loves to see their children having fun and learning. To have proof that their child is thriving during the day without them is all any parent wants and will give them confidence in their choice of a daycare centre. This will brighten any parent’s day!

Save Time on Paperwork and Spend it on Relationship-Building 

The most popular feature of the TimeSavr app is how it generates hundreds of reports all in one place. If there is a need that hasn’t been filled, let us know! It has been customized for Canadian and US government grant requirements so that you can spend less time filling out paperwork and more time relationship-building. This allows daycare owners, staff, and parents more time to communicate and focus on more important things (the children!)

Make Check-In Easy so You Can Focus on The Kids and Parents

The mobile app makes it easy to keep track of each child’s attendance and will create an automatic daily attendance report, both for your records and your monthly government claim.

Make Payments, Invoices, and Paperwork Easy for Parents

From automatic welcome emails to automatic monthly invoicing, paperwork is easy for you and parents. New children can easily be enrolled, and everything can be customized to your specific daycare centre. Direct debit payments or online credit card payments can be automatically recorded in TimeSavr. The increased efficiency in your daycare makes payments and paperwork easier for everyone.

Invest in Childcare Management Software that is Parent-Focused

Our childcare software in Canada and the US is made for daycare owners, by daycare owners. TimeSavr fills the need for an efficient and simple program that allows you to stop doing paperwork and start building relationships. Parents want to know what their children are doing throughout the day when they cannot be with them, as well as knowing that their needs are met. This parent-focused software has the ability to give real-time updates with media and SMS messaging so they don’t have to miss anything in their child’s day and you don’t have to work away your nights.