A Day in the Life of a Childcare Centre Employee

You can always tell who the daycare centre administrators are. They’re the ones who are in the office at the start of the day or floating between the classrooms, ensuring the staff has everything they need, the parents are greeted, and the children are looked after. They’re the ones covering breaks and filing reports to keep everything running smoothly.

While a daycare centre may have specific open hours, the daily tasks of a childcare centre administrator often extend beyond those hours. The good news is that by using childcare management software, such as TimeSavr, an administrator can simplify their day and take back their evenings and weekends. Let’s walk through a day in the life of an administrator to see just how efficient TimeSavr can make running a childcare centre.


Daycare mornings start early since parents need to drop off their children before their own work days begin. Administrators will either be there opening the doors to the building and turning on the lights or will arrive soon after, ensuring that the staff has everything they need and the children are arriving as scheduled.

Manual check-ins are time consuming for everyone, including staff and parents. TimeSavr makes keeping attendance simple. Each classroom teacher can use the app on their phone or tablet to check in each child as they arrive and go home for the day. The attendance reports automatically update in the central system, so administrators can access the records in real time when needed.

Meal Times

TimeSavr helps make mealtimes easier by producing allergy and dietary restriction reports, helping staff ensure each child gets the proper meal. Allergy reports are also helpful for staff when food is ordered from an outside source or during group outings.

Outings and Field Trips

Special outings and field trips are beneficial activities for children at early learning and childcare centres. But managing a group of children outside of the daycare centre can be a handful. The TimeSavr app can be helpful on outings as well. Supervisors can conveniently use the app to take notes and photos so parents stay updated.

Daily Child Reports

TimeSavr makes it easy for teachers and classroom attendants to record notes about each child’s developments, experiences, and challenges throughout the day. Administrators can access these notes in the system, compile reports for each child, and share notes and photos with the parents daily or weekly. This can include naps, meals, activities, mood, and achievements, among many other things!


Payroll is a breeze with TimeSavr. Administrators no longer need to compile stacks of paper reports or manually calculate overtime, time owing, and holiday eligibility. The TimeSavr software takes care of all those calculations automatically. Plus, employees can record their own hours, which administrators can quickly verify later. They can also request time off through the app.

Simplifying Paperwork

One of the most significant portions of a daycare administrator’s day is completing paperwork. The TimeSavr software reduces the volume of paperwork that needs to be printed and stored. Instead, digital records are stored securely in the daycare centre’s TimeSavr account. Administrators have the option to print reports when required on a case-by-case basis.

TimeSavr also simplifies the many forms that childcare centres use. Parents can apply to your childcare centre, register online, and fill out other necessary forms through email. The process can also be automated, making parent engagement and parent communication easier than ever. Parents and guardians can get the information they need without waiting for the manager to reply to the emails personally.

Tax Preparation

Tax preparation can be a tedious process for many daycare owners. However, the TimeSavr software makes the process easier by compiling all the relevant tax reports needed. And, if there is a type of report you need that doesn’t currently exist, we can make it happen. Simply send us a message, and we’ll do our best to generate the report promptly!

The Daycare Software That Has Everything You Need

We believe TimeSavr will simplify your work as a daycare owner because we’ve been daycare owners ourselves. Our team knows from first-hand experience the struggles you face in your business. Customer support is our top priority. If you have questions or suggestions to make the software work better for your daycare centre, let us know. Sign up for your free demo of TimeSavr—the only childcare centre management tool you need!