5 Essential Features to Look for in Out-of-School Care Software

Out-of-School Program Software

Out-of-school program management comes with its own unique considerations for child care centre owners. To attract and retain your customers, your out-of-school care program needs to focus on providing fun experiences and learning opportunities for kids in their time outside of school hours. While you may have highly trained staff and great activities, one of the greatest time drains on any program is administrative work. 

Whether you’re using an outdated electronic system or your own paper-based system, it may be time for an upgrade. Before you invest in childcare centre software, you can look for these five specific components of a system to make sure you’re getting the solution you need. 

Easy Check-Ins and Check-Outs

An influx of children when school lets out and busses arrive can make for a hectic time in any childcare centre. This is especially true if your out-of-school program is also a daycare centre where younger children are already being looked after. A great childcare management app will allow for flexible scheduling and rapid check-ins and check-outs, leaving your staff the time to make sure that each child is properly welcomed and immediately given fun or educational activities to participate in. 

Take Online Payments & Automate Billing

At TimeSavr, we know that running an out-of-school program requires great cash flow. One of the best ways to maintain the flow of money into your business without adding to your administrative tasks is to offer online payments to parents and automate your billing. The system automatically calculates invoices based on check-ins. This also means you’ll never miss an invoice again, so lost revenue will become a thing of the past! As a bonus, it’s a time-saver for busy, working parents, giving them more time to spend with their kids when they arrive at home.  

Provide Real-Time Updates

From schedules and attendance to mealtimes and activities, keeping transparent and instant communication lines open between staff and parents is an essential part of great customer service. You’ll be able to store all the student information you need in one place, including their school district, bussing information, allergies, and preferences. Even your most part-time staff can stay up to speed with all the children. 

A Single Account for all Your Services

TimeSavr has been carefully designed to work for many types of child care centres, and you can manage them all from one account, while configuring the software for different aspects of the business. This means that you can create certain settings specifically for your after-school care program. Plus, all this information can be stored in the TimeSavr app, which means you can access it from a phone or tablet. 

A Cloud-Based System That Travels with You

At TimeSavr, we know from experience that time is one of your greatest resources. One source of frustration for many daycare and out-of-school care owners is the need to constantly be on site to get anything done. With a cloud-based child care management software system, you’re able to work from home or in the comfort and quiet of an office space, where there are fewer interruptions. You can even check in while you’re away or manage multiple locations from a single central location. Save time on travelling to and from your locations!

Request a Demo 

After-school care runs best when you and your staff can focus on the kids and parents rather than the paperwork and administration. If you’re ready to try TimeSavr’s out-of-school program software for your childcare centre, we offer free demos and learning resources to help you get started right away. Our live customer support can even walk you through the process. Talk with our daycare management software professionals today!