How TimeSavr Can Make Year-End Paperwork Easier

It’s the end of the year, and things are wrapping up, which means it’s time to do some paperwork. Sorting out a year’s worth of paperwork is a big job, and it can be stressful trying to finish everything on time to meet deadlines. TimeSavr provides a solution for you to simplify workloads with ease and efficiency. Customizable features, automated processes, and more save you time and stress so you can get your work done while still finding time to relax as the year comes to a close.

Save Yourself Time and Headaches

Kids move fast, and paperwork can’t always catch up easily—isn’t it amazing how filing your paperwork takes up most of your time in your daycare centre? There are many tasks to complete and deadlines to meet, and you have to keep all of them organized at the same time. TimeSavr saves you time and stress by keeping your documents organized and easily accessible. Customizable features help you make the app work best for you, and automated processes significantly reduce errors and speed things up.

Human Resources and Payroll

With TimeSavr, you don’t need to use multiple software to manage all your paperwork. Instead, everything can be in the same place, making it amazingly easy to reconcile schedules, attendance, and payroll to fix any errors before the year ends. Attendance is easy to keep track of, as the TimeSavr apps help you keep the information up to date, generate daily reports, and save them all in one easy-to-access space.

Automated Invoices

The automated processes of TimeSavr are an excellent stress-relieving feature. You can even customize which processes you want to automate! Automated emails, such as welcome notices, are easy to create, and automatic attendance and invoices are monumentally time-saving. They save you from manually sending each notice and fixing errors or missed payments later.

Customizable Reports

As previous child care centre owners, we know that TimeSavr can solve the needs of child care management teams, even as those needs vary from place to place. It’s why we made many features of the app customizable to meet your specific needs. Reports for government subsidies and tax forms can be customized so you can create a process of filing paperwork that works for you to make things as easy and fast as possible.

Digital Records

Sometimes having physical paperwork and records can make the conceptualization of an organization seem easier, but keeping digital records makes for easier management and sorting of vital paperwork and less paper waste. There are no lost papers because TimeSavr provides a flexible digital organization system where information can be found easily. As a manager of a childcare centre, you’ll notice that it will speed up your paperwork, saving you valuable time.

Daycare Management System for Canadian Childcare Centres

If you’re dreading getting started on that pile of year-end paperwork waiting for you, consider using TimeSavr to help you out. Once you get set up with our easy-to-use organization features, you’ll never look back. We save you stress by helping perfect your processes and reduce errors, leading to less frustration and backtracking at the end of the year. Since child care centre owners designed the software, the app is highly detailed and has many well-considered features to provide an excellent child care management system.

If you’re ready to revolutionize your paperwork filing and get started with TimeSavr, you can request a free demo with us today! We’ll meet with you to discuss deeper details of the software, discuss your needs and what you’re looking to get out of the program, and we’ll show you how it works. And if you’re sold, we can help you get set up to start saving time with TimeSavr.