Why a Daycare Daily Reporting App is a Must for Childcare Centres in 2023

Everyone makes New Year’s Resolutions, even those of us in the childcare industry. Each year we strive to keep our business organized, improve communication between parents and staff, and find the perfect balance of profits vs expenses. However, we often find that these goals feel overwhelming, causing stress and taking away precious time. As childcare professionals ourselves, we understand your struggles. This is why we created TimeSavr, the only customizable daycare management software that incorporates finance, contact information, attendance, and daily reports, all from a secure app. TimeSavr was a game-changer when we ran our own daycare, and now we offer it to other childcare centers in the hopes that it will make managing both your business and your life that much easier.

Daily Reporting Helps You Break Down Your Yearly Goals

TimeSavr’s most popular feature is daily reports for each client. You can generate hundreds of reports focused on attendance, billings, payments, subsidies, invoices, and more. These automatic reports not only help to organize your business but also compile information needed to claim regional government grants or submit tax information for your business.

Our app covers not only the financial side of the business but also the personal side, as it helps both you and parents keep track of their child’s improvements over the year to ensure that they are on track in their developmental stage. Although TimeSavr offers hundreds of available reports for your business, we understand that you may record information in a way that hasn’t occurred to us. Don’t see a report you need? Contact us, and we’ll create it for you!

Gain Better Control Over Your Financials

Through TimeSavr, both owner and staff can manage all their financials involved in the business. Staff can view and bank their hours, track overtime, and request time off. Child attendance can be tracked to make financial reporting accurate so that parents can be properly billed. And as the owner, you have access to all this information. This data can be compiled on the TimeSavr mobile app and or on the software so that you can update your information from anywhere you have internet. You can make sure you pay your employees, send invoices, track payments and provide reliable, organized information for your bookkeeper. Furthermore, this information is secured so that each type of profile (parent, staff member, bookkeeper, or owner) has access only to the information you want them to have.

Improve Teamwork and Goal Achievement

From the TimeSavr app, every staff member can view each child’s daily routine and requirements, their own personal tasks, and the tasks of their co-workers. Your business and staff can easily work together to keep track of allergies, required medication doses and schedules, nap time schedules, meal times, and personal goals for each child. Staff can take into consideration these goals and health requirements and work with the child and each other to achieve them. Another benefit is that this information is saved in your daily reports, so you, your staff, and the parents can see each child’s growth and accomplishments during the week, month, or even year.

Check-In From Anywhere

The TimeSavr app connects staff, parents, and business owners daily. Parents can sign up for SMS notifications where they’ll receive updates and pictures of their children throughout the day. Updates can include when their child took their medication, when they went down for a nap, or simply if they’re having fun during arts and crafts. Staff can also message parents and request items such as more diapers or better seasonal wear if they find their children don’t have adequate supplies while at daycare.

As the owner, you can have access to all this information and more from anywhere you are. You can ensure your staff is running everything smoothly, that your clients are happy, and the children are well taken care of without having to leave the comfort of your home.

Confidently Manage Your Daycare Centre with Daycare Software

Choose our local Edmonton-based daycare software to manage your business with more efficiency and less stress. TimeSavr will organize your childcare business, letting you focus less on spreadsheets and more on the kiddos. Request your free demo today or create an account to try our two-month free trial.