Time-Saving Reasons to Start Using Child Care Management Software

Managing a daycare, dayhome, preschool, or out-of-school care program can have many moving parts. Keeping track of your client invoices, attendance, and personal information alone can become overwhelming, but it is possible to have better organization across all your administrative tasks with the correct digital program. Childcare management software makes it easy to keep track of everything essential. Our TimeSavr childcare software saves time and can help improve your business in the following three ways.

1. Deliver Better Services

Running a childcare centre requires intensive planning, ample amounts of paperwork, and consistent organizational skills. With childcare management systems, you can better manage your paperwork, invoicing, attendance tracking, and parent relations so you can have more time to focus on delivering a fantastic in-classroom experience for the children.

If your business uses other apps, such as Quickbooks online, there is simple integration with childcare software systems, such as TimeSavr, making everything accessible in one location. With everything available in one place, keeping track of children and staff attendance has never been smoother. Taking attendance goes directly onto the app in real-time and informs staff and parents of their child’s attendance.

2. Reduce Paperwork

There is no more stress over filing cabinets filled to the brim with invoices, payments or registration papers. Instead, your files can all be located in one central digital location that can be accessed anywhere at any time.

Imagine sending parents invoices automatically when payments are due or following up with reminders directly linked to payment forms. No more paperwork done by hand. All financial reports can be saved in a secure digital location and shared directly to QuickBooks for simplification.


Automation helps with the payroll process too. You can easily pay your staff on time and accurately. Payments based on clocked hours are automatic and are sent directly to your staff. Both you and your staff members can review and verify the number of hours clocked directly in the app before and after salaries are delivered, reducing the number of payroll mistakes made each month.

Digital Files and Reports

Digital files make tax preparation straightforward. You can compile reports for all aspects of your business and conveniently send them to your chartered professional accountant. You also conveniently print reports based on subsidy requirements for the government using TimeSavr’s custom reports for childcare centres.

Finally, keeping track of children’s progress virtually helps share more information with parents to build the parent-classroom connection. Photos, videos, and notes can be shared directly with their parents or guardians.

3. Improve Communication

Consistent parent-teacher communication is essential in any child-care service. Using child care management software allows parents/guardians to connect with the classroom with live updates and messages. Not only does this increase parent information, but it strengthens parent engagement.

Important Child Information

All emergency contacts, allergies or any essential information about each child can be stored electronically and easily accessed by staff in the classroom and on the go. If an emergency occurs, contacting the parents and locating their phone numbers are also in one convenient place.

Employee Communication

Software also enhances communication between educators with the ability to write down classroom notes that are accessible to all staff. When educators can reference notes about each child daily, it is easier to be informed about the classroom and create better childcare plans. You always maintain security to personal information with secure servers and individual logins for your staff based on their level of access. And, if you manage multiple day homes, TimeSavr software can streamline your oversight of all locations, managing the paperwork in one centralized online place.

Best Childcare Management Software

The best daycare app does exist with software that can make daily jobs more manageable. TimeSavr is a childcare management software built by childcare workers who understand your time pressures. Test out the app today to see how it can save you time.