6 Ways Dayhome Agencies Can Benefit from Using Management Software

If you run a dayhome agency, you know that managing multiple child care centers can create a mountain of administrative work that can sometimes feel more time-consuming than wrangling all the kids themselves. From enrolment procedures and attendance tracking to billing, human resources, and parent communications, the number of tedious administrative tasks required to run a dayhome agency can add up quickly.

Save Time with Child Care Management Software

Enter the TimeSavr app, an innovative childcare management platform–developed by daycare managers for daycare managers–to help streamline administrative processes. This app is available on desktop and mobile devices, which makes it easy for dayhome agency owners to manage multiple educators and dayhome locations from anywhere at any time.

Here are six ways your dayhome agency can save time and benefit from using TimeSavr’s management software:

1.  Create Separate User Logins for Dayhome Educators

The TimeSavr app uses a login system to manage HR and accounting tasks like time-tracking, payroll, and emergency contact information for childcare educators. You can assign each dayhome educator their user login so they can download the app and track their hours from home or on the go. This portal also allows educators to view their paystubs on their phones, eliminating the need to dig through old payroll reports and staff accounting files.

From a safety standpoint, separate user logins allow your dayhome employees to access emergency contact information easily in case of an emergency on site. You and your educators can enjoy peace of mind knowing each child’s emergency contacts are on-hand at all times.

2.  Take Advantage of the Automatic Payroll Calculator

Say goodbye to piles of educator timesheets, separate time-tracking apps, and manual payroll reporting! With TimeSavr, each dayhome educator’s childcare hours are automatically calculated based on child attendance, factoring in wage top-ups, infant care incentives, and backup care payments. If you have a child attending more than one dayhome, the TimeSavr app will automatically split the infant care incentive between each educator who cared for that child at their respective dayhome location.

These factors are conveniently taken into account on each educator’s user profile, pulling data to automatically generate payroll reports, which makes it easy for you to pay your educators fairly based on their attendance records and review reports in real-time in case any payroll discrepancies arise.

3.  Record Child Attendance Easily

The TimeSavr app is designed to make attendance records easy and efficient across multiple dayhome locations. Dayhome educators can easily toggle between locations on their mobile app, keep track of each child’s attendance, and even record their movements throughout the day to ensure every child is accounted for at all times while in your dayhome’s care. If a parent or guardian is late picking up their child, your educators can keep a record of those late pickup minutes to track any potential patterns or issues in case of an emergency.

Internally, dayhome educators can record any administrative hours as well as any days they’re unavailable within the TimeSavr app, so you can keep track of those hours and fill any gaps in the schedule ahead of time on days when educator availability is thin.

4.  Automate Invoicing Calculations

TimeSavr is purposefully designed to automate your administrative work so you can spend your evenings and weekends with family and friends while your dayhome agency continues to run smoothly in the background. The app will automatically calculate invoices for parents and payroll for providers, which means no more math for you, and allowing you to speed through your billing and payroll processes.

When adjustments need to be made, TimeSavr automatically generates a list of potential billing adjustments for you to submit based on provider unavailability and part time children attending more than their allotted days.  Review and submit each adjustment at the click of a button.

5.  Reduce Time-consuming Paperwork

TimeSavr’s intuitive automation, comprehensive user profiles, and convenient reporting software dramatically reduce paperwork for you, your educators, and the parents and guardians who trust your team with their children each day. Every payroll report, HR document, and attendance record is available digitally, saving you time, paper, and plenty of administrative headaches.

6.  Take a Customized Approach to Your Dayhome Agency’s Needs

Dayhome agencies take care of multiple children in multiple locations with the help of various educators. The TimeSavr app was thoughtfully created by daycare managers who understand that all these multiples require a customized approach to take care of various administrative needs. Ask us about our customization tools for dayhome agencies.

Day Home or Daycare Management Software

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