3 Ways Daily Reporting Benefits Children, Parents, and Caregivers

There is no doubt that childcare can be a stressful yet rewarding business. Caregivers are the backbone of our society; nurturing, teaching, and watching children allows busy parents/guardians peace of mind that their child is safe and sound.

Keeping your childcare center operating smoothly requires meticulous record-keeping. Regardless of how many children are in your care, reports and records can feel endless and often slip into disorganized piles to deal with later. At TimeSavr, we’ve managed daycare centres ourselves and have strategies to help you stay organized without losing your evenings and weekends.

Daily Reports Provide Transparency, a Snapshot of Progress, and Structure the Day

Kids grow up quickly. Their development from the first day they walk into your centre to the day they leave can be an inspiring transformation. Documenting that growth and development are essential for both the childcare workers and the parents/guardians.

Children can have their progression charted, allowing for a better understanding for parents/guardians and caregivers of how the child is advancing throughout their time there. In addition, with closely documented records, all caregivers are more informed about each child and can easily reference the reports.

It is essential that parents/guardians feel informed and comfortable leaving their children in your care. With daily reports, guardians or parents receive updates on their children’s progress throughout the day. Parents can even sign up for real-time SMS updates on their child’s growth.

Record Daily Routines for Tracking and Inform Parents

TimeSavr provides recording and tracking of daily routines. This tracking can help see consistencies or inconsistencies in the children’s everyday habits.


Keeping a record of the length of nap times is essential in observing how much sleep each child receives. Tracking their nap times can help establish if there are any difficulties a child may be having with sleep. On an off day, if a child cannot nap or has napped for far too long, it is simple to share this information with parents/guardians.

Diaper Changes:

Tracking the frequency of diaper changes can be crucial in overseeing a child’s well-being. As many caregivers know, you can tell a lot about a child’s health from the inside of a diaper or how frequently a diaper needs changing.

Meal Tracking:

Another routine to track is meals. For caregivers, it’s essential to be aware of how much each child eats in a day. Parents/guardians will want to know if their child is eating enough and what they are eating while they are in your care. A caregiver can identify if the child’s eating habits raise any concerns and communicate with the parent/guardian if necessary.

Attendance Tracking:

Attendance recording and tracking can give a better overview and understanding of a child’s consistency or lack thereof with attendance. This data can give you an overall picture of the average number of children in your care and help you manage staffing levels, payroll, and grant applications.

There are several other recording and tracking options available. At TimeSavr, we are consistently improving ourselves, and if there is anything you don’t see that you’d like available, let us know!

Sharing Daily Photos or Videos with Captions Will Brighten a Parent’s Day

What boosts a parent/guardian’s day more than a photo or video of their child while they are away? With daily recordings, caregiver interactions can increase enormously. Imagine that one of the children in your care learns a new word or creates a beautiful art project. Now you can share these tender moments with the parents/guardians at any time of day.

Communication is key, and at TimeSavr, we want to improve communication channels as much as possible. We want to highlight the importance of clear and regular communication between caregivers and parents/guardians. If there’s a way we can make communication easier for you through our app, we want to know!

Conclusion & Call to Action

We understand how much goes into childcare centre management, and we aim to make it as efficient as possible. So, we put the time and effort into creating childcare software ready to tackle and organize your caregiving business so you can focus on what is more important. Using this system can enhance your business with daily reporting and much more.

Daily tracking may seem time-consuming, but with TimeSavr’s childcare & daycare management software, you can spend more time on lesson planning, child care and non-administrative tasks. Focusing on spending more time away from admin work is what we aim to provide you. Contact us for any questions and request a free demo today!