How Daycare Software Can Save You Hours Every Month

Childcare centres require consistent paperwork and tedious administrative time spent on schedules, attendances, and reports. However, new user-friendly tools are helping to alleviate the overwhelming time that daycare paperwork involves. Innovative web-based software creates simple solutions for daycare owners by reducing their paperwork, automatically and comfortably organizing reports, and building stronger collaborative communication between staff and parents. Say goodbye to lost time caused by loads of paperwork, and hello to extra hours of freedom.  

What Can a Daycare Management App Do?

Using daycare software as a management tool can help reduce the amount of time and energy that goes into administrative tasks. When you can seamlessly issue reports and invoices through a mobile app or desktop system, you can save yourself hours. 

Look for software with a mobile app that can be used on smartphones or tablets, allowing for convenient and accessible attendance tracking. Having access to your schedules and emergency contact information at the touch of a finger can be extremely useful in the classroom and on the go.  

Link Multiple Daycare Centres

With daycare management software, managers of multiple daycares can securely link their centres, allowing them to switch back and forth with ease. You can customize specific daycare needs and personal management needs.  

Since daycare management software is built to aid your organizational goals, it can be used to organize and help daycare management in a variety of tasks, including coordinating classrooms, scheduling staff, generating reports, and communicating with parents. Using great daycare software simplifies your management life by saving administrative time and paperwork.  

Create Staff Schedules Easier than Ever

Daycare software can make sharing schedules simple, both for employees and administration. Scheduling within daycare agencies is a significant and time-consuming challenge. Management must create and post the proper schedule for staff to match the number of children at every hour of the day. Daycare software creates a shared space for posting schedules, wherein the team can access their schedules. Teachers and daycare workers can also use the app to request time off and monitor their hours.  

Track Attendance to Determine Future Scheduling Needs

Digital tools can help track children’s attendance throughout the week to better map staffing needs. A mobile app or desktop version of daycare software can simplify tracking attendance and schedules. As an organization tool, TimeSavr’s software allows coordinators to judge the availability of team members when creating a schedule as well as quickly view employee profiles, request time off, set parameters regarding time off requests, and manage or bank overtime hours all within a single app.  

Other Benefits of Daycare Management Software

The TimeSavr software has many features to suit the needs of daycare centres. Managers can track staff contact information, certifications, attendance records and important administrative records such as first aid certifications and criminal record checks. TimeSavr will even remind you ahead of time when those records are about to expire, so that you don’t get caught with ineligible staff when your licencing officer walks in.

Furthermore, staff can use daycare software to see their hours, view overtime pay, request time off, and bank hours. Daycare software typically includes a security platform to keep specific profiles restricted. Administrators can create multiple security profiles to limit the infringement of other management, staff, daycare educators, or any other member of your team.  

Different profiles can feature access options to ensure users are viewing the correct information while private, confidential features remain hidden and secure. Daycare software is ultimately built to simplify the time and energy of managing daycare centres. Having information regarding staff, children, and administrative tasks on one software can save time and efficiently manage your daycare.  

TimeSavr: The Only Management Tool You Need

TimeSavr can simplify your administrative workload, saving you hours each month. TimeSavr has an app and desktop option to enable access from anywhere on a secure and safe platform. The app makes makes it easy for staff to track their hours and ensure children are properly tracked. The software makes all your management needs conveniently accessible in one common space shared by staff and administration. Managing reports, attendances, invoices, and schedules is easier than ever, with TimeSavr saving you time and paperwork.  

Say hello to TimeSavr’s innovative process of daycare management and request a free demo today!