How Daycare Sign-In Software Makes Attendance Tracking a Breeze

How Daycare Sign-In Software Makes Attendance Tracking a Breeze

The day-to-day business of running a child care center requires meticulous planning, organized reporting, and open communication between administrators, educators, and parents. One of the most important administrative tasks in a day is attendance records for the children. Prompt attendance keeping is essential for reporting, billing, and safety. You need to know when children arrive, when they leave for the day and when they are absent to properly manage a range of services from lesson planning to project future schedules. While pen and paper daily sheets can feel like a nuisance, a childcare app for attendance makes the task a breeze. 


Childcare Management

The parents of the children in your daycare center are eager to know how their little ones are progressing. Are they learning new skills? Getting along with other kids? Are there concerns? While you may have a strong memory and enthusiasm, it’s a big expectation to remember every detail for each child in your class. Using a daycare app to manage your childcare center offers more than basic attendance tracking. Once you’ve signed in all the children for the day, you can also take notes throughout the day for the children who are present. In addition to notes, you can take pictures or videos and mark which children are captured in the footage.


Keeping records on each child in your classroom not only benefits the parents but the educators and staff as well. It’s amazing how much more you can remember and learn about each child when you have notes and images to refer back to each week. These details help your daycare teams spot learning achievements, moments of success for the children, and areas of opportunity or concern. This can be as simple as noting when a child successfully uses scissors on their own for the first time to learn how to share a toy with the other children. Using an app in the classroom allows you to take note of more of these moments, so you can refer back to them later.  


Parent Communication

They say that images speak a thousand words, but when it comes to capturing images of their children, parents will tell you that images and videos are priceless, especially when it’s fun activities at school where parents are away. Daycare management software helps increase parent engagement by showcasing the fun that goes on inside the classroom and keeping them informed on weekly activities. 


Aside from hearing about the developmental progress of their children, parents want to know that their children are safe. A daycare app allows parents to know that their children are monitored and looked after in real-time, reducing the chances of mistakes in reporting. Additionally, in the unthinkable event that a child does not arrive for daycare or goes missing, your daycare team will know immediately and be able to communicate with the parents faster, providing quick support in a potential nightmare scenario. 


Streamline Daily Reporting

Child care management uses a ton of paperwork and reporting. From tracking attendance to billing parents to submitting reports to the government, there are always more forms to fill in and file. Daycare management software makes every type of reporting easier than ever. First, we eliminate unnecessary paper waste by keeping most of your reports digital. When needed, you can always print the essential reports to keep hard copies or in the event of submitting a paper report. And less paperwork means less storage and fewer shredding requirements. Imagine what you could do with the extra shelf space!


The Daycare Sign In and Out App You’ve Been Seeking

If your childcare centre team would benefit from saving time, money, and waste, then using childcare management software, such as TimeSavr, will exceed your expectations. Our system helps daycare managers streamline the sign-in and out process for their staff so you can spend more time lesson planning and connecting with parents and less time sifting through or typing up hand-written notes. Set up your free demo of TimeSavr to see how our software makes reporting simple.