Little Learners Daycare

My name is Carolyn from Little Learners Daycare in Edmonton. I have owned a daycare business since 2016 and through the years we have had several locations. I only use Timesavr to manage my daycares centers. Not only is it local to Edmonton and Alberta, but it is highly functional and reasonable priced. I have seen other programs out there such as Daycare Works, Brightwheel, and HiMama. Timesavr is way more unique to Alberta daycare owners. It does everything!

Vincent is a developer and a daycare owner in Alberta so he knows what we need in our program to manage everything. If you ever have questions or concerns or need something adapted, he listens and is always quick to respond and make the changes to the program. Timesavr is always evolving with the times and changes needed in the daycare industry. I highly recommend Timesavr to anyone in Alberta who owns a daycare and wants something affordable and easy to use.